Meet the Candidate: Matt Shaughnessy

My name is Matt Shaughnessy and I am the 2020 Democratic candidate for State Representative for Ohio House District 36 here in Summit County, which includes parts of Cuyahoga Falls, Tallmadge, Green, Coventry, Lakemore, Mogadore, and Springfield. I am a proud father of five and a 15 year resident of the district.

I currently serve as a City of Green Council member, and I’m an attorney and a retired Firefighter/Paramedic. I am proud of my record on Green City Council advocating for working people like you and me against corporate greed. I’ve also drafted and passed commonsense legislation requiring greater transparency and accountability of our elected officials’ actions.

As a legislator on Council, I’ve always put people first, period. As a State Representative serving my community in Columbus, I’d do the exact same. For too long, the Republican supermajority has allowed petty politics to get in the way of delivering real results for Ohio. I know that when you vote for your State Representative, you vote for someone who will work for you, not play politics and hold our state back.

As a lawyer, I represent victims of violent crimes. My job, whether it’s been as a councilmember, a firefighter and paramedic, or an attorney, has always been about serving people. Now, I’m running to represent my community, our values, and concerns in the Ohio House.

People in my district work hard, but the system is working against them. I believe if you work hard, you should have the opportunity to get ahead. One good paying job should be enough, and I will be sure to fight to hold companies accountable to their employees and provide fair wages, benefits, and security. Ohio policy should be to stand with workers, not work against them.

The last few months have been challenging for our state. We’ve endured a global pandemic, which created an economic crisis that has left thousands of Ohioans unemployed. And in the last few weeks, we’ve seen both the need and demand for police reform and to address the institutional racism rooted deeply in our society. It’s clear, now more than ever, that we need strong leaders in the Statehouse who are willing to stand up and fight for Ohioans. I am committed to doing the hard work and having the difficult conversations, and I will always put you and your family first.

Ohioans need their elected officials to be their voice. Right now, it too often feels like the government is working against them. As the next State Representative for Ohio House District 36, I will always put the politics aside and fight for you, the people of Ohio. Together, we can make government work for the people.

I hope you’ll get involved in my campaign to flip this district blue in November. It’s one of the most competitive in the state, and with your help we can win. Follow my campaign on Facebook and check out my website for updates.

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