RELEASE: Ohio House Democratic Caucus Raises Over $1.7 Million

Most Money Raised Since House Democrats Held The Majority

The Ohio House Democratic Caucus reported raising over $1.7 million for the 2020 Pre-General filing, the most money raised in a filing period since the Democrats last held the majority in the Ohio House in the 2009–2010 cycle.

“Voters, supporters and contributors are tired of the Republican culture of corruption in Ohio and they are turning to Democrats to restore trust, integrity and the Ohio Promise. We are running and winning competitive races in gerrymandered districts because voters want representatives who will work for them to address COVID, good paying jobs, public education, and affordable healthcare,” said Aryeh Alex, Executive Director of the Ohio House Democratic Caucus. “Meanwhile, instead of rejecting and returning their tainted Householder money, Republicans continue to spend millions of dollars against our candidates. These dirty contributions are being funneled to them through their disgraced former leader Larry Householder, who is facing charges from an FBI sting investigation. Republicans who use this money are forever branded as corrupt, and we and voters are going to hold them accountable.”

Highlights of the OHDC’s Pre-General Report:

  • Raised more than anytime since the Democrats were in the majority.
  • Raised more than previous filings since 2010.

Outraised the following Presidential cycles:

  • 2012: $1,558,351
  • 2016: $1,365,681

Outraised the following Governor cycles:

  • 2014: $849,928
  • 2018: $1,320,774