Republican Secrets

More than a week following his arrest for his involvement in an alleged $60 million bribery scheme, the Republican Speaker of the Ohio House has still not resigned.

On Tuesday, leaders in the Ohio Republican Party gathered for a private meeting in a downtown hotel to vote by secret ballot as to whether or not they would force the arrested Speaker to resign.

Yeah, you read that right. Ohio Republicans were not sure whether or not they should remove the disgraced, corrupted Speaker of the House.

What’s worse than that is, the scandal surrounding the Speaker is one that resulted from years of secret negotiations and backroom deals. Republicans met in a metaphorical smoke-filled room to see whether or not it is worth it to remove him from his leadership position.

Secret secrets are no fun, secret secrets… protect potentially complicit Ohio Republicans from being held accountable for their possible involvement in a public corruption scandal. You would think when the corrupt leader of your party is arrested, it would be an easy choice to remove him from his position in leadership and demand his resignation from office. Not for the Republicans.

We need to rebuild the people of Ohio’s trust in our state government, vote out corrupt Republicans, and elect transparent, honest, and Democratic leaders to the Ohio House.

These are dark days in Ohio, and Ohioans need leaders they can trust to shine a light on dishonest Republicans who are working to line their own pockets instead of for the people who elected them to serve.

The U.S. Attorney assigned to this case described the latest Republican corruption as “The largest bribery, money-laundering scheme against the people of the state of Ohio. These allegations are bribery, pure and simple. This was quid pro quo, this was pay to play.”

To the US Attorney, it’s “pure and simple,” but to Ohio Republicans, they wouldn’t openly commit to removing the Speaker, so they resorted to voting by secret ballot. This Republican secrecy is reminiscent of the Watergate scandal, where reporters were meeting in parking garages in the middle of night to learn information. It shouldn’t be that way. Ohioans deserve transparency.

Ohio Republicans feel the best way to put to rest scandals created in private is by having a private meeting with a secret vote. Let’s show Ohio Republicans the best way to put yet another one of their public corruption scandals to rest is by voting them out of office and electing Democrats to lead instead.



Official campaign account of the Ohio House Democratic Caucus. Paid for by OHDC.

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Official campaign account of the Ohio House Democratic Caucus. Paid for by OHDC.