Statement from Leader Emilia Sykes on the Historic Election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Columbus, OH — The following statement can be attributed to Ohio House Democratic Leader Emilia Strong Sykes:

“After nearly four years of division, hate, and the attempt to dismantle our country, the people of America have united to clearly state that enough is enough and have put us back on a path of progress, healing, and unity. The historic election of US Senator Kamala Harris, the first woman, and first person of Black and Asian descent to ever be elected as Vice President shatters generations of a history without representation that reflects America. Young Black girls will be able to see themselves aspiring to serve the people in any capacity including the second highest office in the free world as Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris will do when she is sworn in.

These outcomes do not solve the coronavirus, racial inequities, climate change, or the numerous other problems that we collectively face, but they will provide the right leadership and instill hope in us all as we come together as a nation and welcome the next President and Vice-President of our country.”