A couple of weeks ago, Donald Trump cancelled a visit to come to Ohio. Tomorrow, Mike Pence is coming in his place as the Trump campaign is scared they will lose this state in November.

They originally thought Ohio was in the bag and they didn’t need to be worried. But now, they’re back and spending millions because they know Democrats have the momentum we need to win this election.

Ohio House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes created a travel guide for Trump’s visit, but we think Pence should also find it helpful.

The Trump campaign “should come and see the real Ohio that is suffering because [Trump] dismissed all the early warning signs of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Sykes said.

Pence will be taking a tour of the abandoned GM Lordstown facility. Yes, the one where more than 4,000 workers lost their job last year and the Trump Administration didn’t lift a pinkie to help. Maybe he can walk through a home for sale or an abandoned house or stop by a food bank. Play a variation on the game Where’s Waldo called Where In The World Are The Manufacturing Jobs You Promised?

Leader Sykes also invites the campaign to visit Akron, her district, and meet real Black people, “Yes, we exist and guess what? You know that coronavirus you called a hoax. It’s killing Black people in larger numbers at disproportionate levels compared to the rest of society. If you let me, I’ll show you some reasons why.”

Donald Trump has failed Ohioans. We could look at his broken promises to revitalize the Mahoning Valley or his devastating response to the coronavirus crisis. Instead, we’re going to focus on restoring the Ohio Promise of better lives, brighter futures, and an economy that works for everyone.

Trump may be running scared for now, but we know he will be back to do all he can to protect the Republican supermajority in the Ohio House.

We are going to flip our state blue in November and let Trump go back to failing his businesses, not the hardworking people of Ohio.